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Brain Injury Course: Overlap with Substance Use & Addiction $0.00
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Brain Injury Course: Overlap with Substance Use & Addiction

Brain Injury Course: Overlap with Substance Use & Addiction is proudly presented to you by Brain Injury Association of North Carolina's Online Learning Center. Thank you. We hope that you enjoy your course.

A brain injury is a complex condition that not only impacts the person, but their entire community. Whether motivated by personal factors such as difficulty coping, environmental factors such as social activities, or biological factors such as genetics, individuals living with brain injury have an overlapping relationship with substance use. This correlation means that education and support for professionals, families, and individuals living with brain injury are essential for a healthy and happy life.

This training will cover a variety of topics related to brain injury and substance use to give you the tools you need whether a professional looking to work with individuals more holistically or a family member or an individual looking to learn more and advocate for services. We will talk about the Brain injury - Substance Use overlap and specific areas that are often affected. Next, screening & assessment methods will be explained as well as treatment considerations & models. Finally, a summary of strategies helpful to use for individuals with brain injury and substance use concerns.


By the end of this module, you will be able to identify: 

  • How the overlap between a brain injury and substance misuse is characterized and how it can impact a person, 
  • What problems exist to helping individuals with co-occurring substance use and brain injury succeed in treatment and the community, 
  • What screening and assessment tools are available for brain injury and high-risk substance use, and 
  • What treatment options and modifications are suggested to improve treatment outcomes


Created & Authored by: 

  • Lauren Costello, MS CRC CBIST

Content Reviewers & Contributors: 

  • Beth Overby
  • Amanda Khalil, PharmD, MPH​
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Substance Use & Brain Injury Overlap
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