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Recording Behavior in Schools $22.50
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Recording Behavior in Schools

Collecting data in a school setting is not always easy, especially when staff have other responsibilities at the same time. There are many important tasks to perform all at the same time, all day long, every school day. The goal of this course is to help you perform the task of recording behavior data in the most accurate and efficient way possible while juggling all those other tasks. This course will address various data collection methods used to measure behaviors exhibited by students. It will also provide methods of data collection that allow teachers to continue teaching as they are simultaneously collecting behavior data. This training program is based on the RBT Task List and is designed to meet the 40-hour training requirement for the RBT credential. This program is offered independent of the BACB. Current Link: https://bacb.com/rbt-task-list/
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Recording Behavior in Schools
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